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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take the epoxy to cure?
While our epoxy will continue to cure for a full 30 days, it should be hard to the touch within 24 hours after application. For bar tops and countertops, wait 2-3 days before placing heaving objects on the surface, and 5-7 days before placing hot objects on the top.

How durable is the epoxy?
It is heat resistant up to 500F degrees (260C), five times stronger than concrete, and shock resistant, meaning you can drop something heavy on the surface and it will not break. It is also scratch and UV resistant.

What surfaces can the epoxy go over?
It can go over virtually any surface including Formica, laminate, tile, marble, etc.

What are the color and design options?
We have endless design and color choices for the same price. Match your home’s interior with many assorted color combinations. Create any natural or unnatural stone pattern.

What maintenance is required for the epoxy?
Our epoxy is very low maintenance. Unlike natural stone our product is not required to be sealed. Since our epoxy is non-porous it is very easy to clean and maintain.

What is the difference between stained and polished concrete?
Our stain is a penetrating reactive stain that chemically combines with cured concrete to produce permanent variegated coloring effects. Polished concrete is a more meticulous step by step process where we grind the concrete down and use different polishing pads for a glossy, mirror like finish.

What is Topkote Reglazing System?
The Topkote Reglazing System is just that, a SYSTEM. Our system was developed from the ground up specifically for reglazing. Our system consists of our heavy-duty Tub & Tile Cleaner, our proprietary Crosslink III Adhesive, and our high-quality UR Glaze urethane finish. All of the components in our system have been designed and tested to work in unison with one another, therefore, giving you the best performance in the industry.

How long will my reglazed bathtub or sink last?
The Topkote System brings new life to your bathtub, sink, or countertop. With proper care, the Topkote System will provide many years of use.

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