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Outdoor Surfaces


Super Traxx Sand Coating is a coating that can help your outdoor surfaces. It can give your driveway, sidewalk, patio, garage floor, and outdoor deck a facelift, that’s non-slip, looks great and lasts longer. This coating method provides an alternative to paying for new concrete or installation fees every couple of years. Super Traxx is an extremely low maintenance solution that will increase the lifespan of your outdoor flooring and amenities.

Super Traxx will increase the life of your outdoor surfaces, because it is a durable, and more importantly, weather resistant coating. This coating will be able to handle whatever mother nature throws its way. Super Traxx will decrease the likelihood of cracks and spalling in your concrete.

Our sand coating is a seamless solution that will fill fractures, expansion joints, and saw cuts in concrete. It is also chemical resistant and durable enough to withstand the application of salt or cleaning chemicals. Your outdoor flooring will stand up to heavy traffic for years to come!


A decorative, durable, weather and stain resistant option for outdoor flooring. It’s applied over driveways, sidewalks, patios, garage floors, walkways, and pool decking. A great product for traction, and an alternative to updating concrete surfaces. Keep your family safe around the pool, give your garage a facelift, or repair and prevent new cracks from forming.


Whether you’re looking to update the cracked and weathered concrete in your driveway or provide a non-slip surface around your pool we have the solution for you!