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TOPKOTE Bathroom and Kitchen Reglazing

Topkote reglazing provides the resources and tools to refinish bathtubs, tile and countertops. We have many different types of coatings and paint to fix up your home. Our refinishing experts can make your home have the look and feel you want it to have, without the extra costs. Topkote reglazing uses a durable and clean adhesion promoter called Crosslink III.

Topkote Reglazing is a durable and safe solution for your home. The Crosslink III is a clean and reliable adhesion promoter for all of our projects. Unlike other products, Crosslink III uses no acid etching. This means we can come and resurface your counter, shower, or sink in a very short period of time. Providing your surfaces with an updated look.

Our system features the most economical alternative to surface replacement. The glaze topcoat bonds permanently to the adhesive, becoming a solid surface, much like the original porcelain finish. The Topkote Refinishing system has outperformed several major manufacturers of kitchen and bath coating, from Europe and the United States.

The Other Benefits of Topkote Reglazing

The high-gloss finish helps to repel mold and mildew, as it creates a barrier between the porous grout and moisture associated with the environment. With our refinishing products, you don’t have to worry about failures. No drain failures, no bottom failures, no soap dish failures. You can be confident your tile and fixtures will stay looking great, for years to come.

Refinish vs Replacement

Our system can be used on porcelain, ceramic, tile, acrylic, and fiberglass inserts/inlays, with superior adhesive properties that repel mold and mildew. Replacement is time consuming and requires new fixtures and a removal process. By refinishing, instead of replacing, you will avoid all of the headaches and, in most cases, save thousands of dollars.